Get Ready for Grief

Become empowered, resilient and happy
so you can live fully today
no matter what!

Teach others to do the same and create social change.

Transformation is possible.   How?

  • Talking about, planning and preparing for grief BEFORE it arrives will help to develop coping skills and strategies to navigate through it. Creating a soft landing and your village too.
  • Learning how to Just Show Up for others, in good times and in bad times too, without suffering excessively, compassion fatigue or burning out.
  • Implementing self-care at a deeper level. Learn how to Just Show Up for Yourself First and understand how you are being of disservice by not doing so.


Module 1

The best time to talk about, plan and prepare for grief, death and dying is when we are young and healthy. The next best time is NOW!

The majority of people—professionals and community members—are ill-prepared, fearful and in denial and avoid preparing for grief and end of life. This often creates excessive suffering throughout life. It is time for change and to normalize these conversations, take responsibility and diffuse our fears. We can do this, and suffer less. It starts with you! It can start today!

Module 2

It takes a village to support the ill, the caregiver, the dying, the bereaved and each other.

In a world of 7 billion people, many are lonely, isolated or feel they must “do it alone.” This mindset compounds our suffering, mental health issues and unhappiness. Professionals cannot do it all! It’s time to get back to community where we feel supported, loved, connected and have a sense of real belonging. Let’s talk about your village. Are there too many toxic people in it? Not enough cheerleaders? Let’s explore and create change where it is needed.

Module 3

When someone is grieving, Just Show Up!

We are a compassionate society, but when someone is grieving, in crisis, or face life’s challenges, we are afraid to do or say the wrong thing so we often avoid. We do not feel qualified. We “leave it to the experts.” It’s time for change. In grief, we need our whole village. Learn how you can truly make a difference with the simplest acts of kindness. Get out of your own way.

Module 4

If you want to be able to Just Show Up for others you must, Show Up for Yourself First.

It’s time to fire the martyr. No more badges of honour for putting everyone else first. No more suffering in silos of silence and isolation. No more pretending we are strong, resilient, ok… when we’re not. We have become a society of quick fixes and celebrating independence, to our great demise. Let’s do it differently, before it’s too late!

Module 5

Structure your life in such a way that you are self-reliant. And so are the people surrounding you.

Have you done everything for your children so when they go off to college they are terrified and incompetent? Do you leave long lists for your family when you’re not home so they can function? Are you attached to your phone when you’re away from the office so you can address any issues? Do you wonder why you feel burned out, exhausted, overwhelmed and unhappy? I don’t. Let’s talk!

Module 6

Find you Post!

Having your village and those who will Just Show Up for you is so important. But there are times when we want to be alone and need something to lean on. Or no one is there for us. We need to be connected to something greater than ourselves, something we can turn to no matter what, no matter when. Do you have your Post?

Module 7

What will your legacy be?

Hard question: If today was your last day, what would people remember the most about you? What stories would they share about how you impacted the world? Not happy with the answer? Then what could you do today and every day to change that?

What is Get Ready for Grief?

  • Proven principles to live by based on years of nursing experience, research and input from hundreds of people I’ve interviewed
  • Information on how to be more empowered and resilient in life, grief and death.
  • Guidance on how to Just Show Up for yourself and others in grief, crisis, life’s challenges or on those really hard days
  • Learning skills for creating more happiness and less stress in your life.

Who is this for?

  • Professionals, volunteers, change makers and individuals who wish to be more empowered and resilient in life, grief and death.
  • Those who wish to teach others to be more empowered and resilient in life, grief and death.
  • Individuals who wish to be more empowered and resilient in life, grief and death as they support others or want to create change in their lives.

Like who you may ask?

Those who work in:

  • Healthcare, Hospice/Palliative care, Education, Counselling,
  • Law, Finances, Funeral Industry
  • Victim services/crisis support
  • Serving our marginalized and most vulnerable community members
  • Volunteers and students who will enter these roles
  • Change makers, social innovators making a difference
  • Just to name a few…

Who else?

  • Community members who have been through grief and would like to be more empowered and resilient when life’s challenges arrive again.
  • Community members who wish to support others who are grieving, in crisis, facing life’s challenges
  • someone who wishes to gift this program to a person they care about


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  • Audio download
  • Other resources
  • Love Your Life to Death ebook
  • Downloadable PDFs

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The time is now.

Together we can do this.
We can be more empowered, resilient and happy.
I invite you to Get Ready for Grief today!



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